Pendle – The Kitchen Collection

Pendle is a picturesque corner of Lancashire, renowned for the famous “Pendle Witch Trial” of 1612. It is also a popular destination for thousands of walkers and nature lovers alike who are drawn to its starkly contrasting hills and valleys, whatever the season.

Inspired by the changing seasonal colours is our latest kitchen, Pendle. With the exception of the luxurious Natural Oak range, every Pendle kitchen we make is hand painted, every door a work of art and nature.

A traditional kitchen that by design also sits comfortably in a modern home, the colour or colours you choose will mirror your lifestyle, adding warmth, elegance and value to your home, all year round.

The following are just a small selection from the range. Please contact us to request details of the full range.

Pendle Oyster

The popular Oyster colour blends seamlessly into almost any environment, its warm beige hue enriched by the addition of just a stir of sunset red to create a distinctive shade. Light and airy, Oyster’s neutral colour makes it easy to marry to a wide range of worksurfaces.

Pendle Oyster Kitchen

Pendle Jute

Jute is a highly distinctive and original colour, its light fawn shade thickened with a shot of soft grey clouds. A natural earth shade widely favoured by interior designers. Jute lends the Pendle kitchen a tailored look radiating taste and success on the part of its owner but without a hint of ostentation.

Pendle Jute Kitchen

Pendle Aubergine

Pendle Aubergine is a kitchen whose colour sets it apart from the crowd. It’s highly original, distinctive and flexible, owing to its chameleon ability to blend with or highlight other Pendle colours. Couple it with Pendle Oak, Oyster or Jute to create an effect that can be subtle or dramatic according to your desires.

Pendle Aubergine Kitchen

Pendle Moss

This pastoral, pale green hue at first sight suggests it would date a kitchen yet it looks modern and even contemporary when applied to the Pendle kitchen where its lustre lends the cabinets, doors and drawers a tactile appearance and the kitchen an overall look of subtle grandeur. A true and natural shade of the Pendle countryside, its both smart and practical, an informed choice for the homeowner seeking originality.

Pendle Moss Kitchen